Student at category management with own category „sport german“




For Sale Digital

Student at Product Management at online agency For Sale Digital with different own projects for Media Markt and first online marketing experiences.

Online Marketing Manager at Responsible for SEO, SEA, Affiliate. Including Adwords-Budget with 50.000 € a month.

Senior Online Marketing Manager at qype. Responsible for SEO, SEA, Affiliate, Online Advertising. Very SEO fokused for fast growth.

Head Of Online Marketing. SEO, SEA, Affiliate, User Experience, and conception of a big content network platform for generating a better revenue of



Senior Online marketing manager for Questico, Viversum, NOE, The Cirlce. Responsible for the whole online marketing for 8 platforms in three languages.


Holidaypirates AG

Head Of Online Marketing. Responsible for the whole online marketing for six platforms in five languages



Miss Mole

Co-Owner of Vintage Fashion Online-Shop Miss Mole in Germany. Selling Vintage Fashion including Collectif.



Online Marketing Freelancer and Owner of the biggest Webpage for Pinup-Fashion in four languages with 880.000 Facebook Fans and 114.000 Instagram Follower


Not to forget. 

My Education was at Herman Stitz, a german Wholesale Company for sanitary goods

i studied Marketing and arrived a master in business administration at entrepreneurship

….so i learned all i need for a Head Of Online and i did all you need in the past.

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