WCIDFY – What Can I Do For You – 4

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

I’m doing SEO since many years. In my time @ miss mole till the day we closed the shop, this was the visibility-trend in Google for 483 vintage fashion related keywords.

Pinup-Fashion.de is the biggest Webpage in Germany for vintage fashion. I get a better visibility as Topvintage, Rockabilly-Clothing, Rockabilly-Rules or Lucky Lola with 260 vintage fashion related top-10 keywords.

i know how to optimize Collectif on and offpage. I know how to identify the Keywords, how to create a content-part or page,  to let the vintage-fashion lovers find Collectif without doing ads.



WCIDFY – What Can I Do For You – 5


Last month, Topvintage earned 25.000 € revenue just with my page. Thats what good affiliates could do.

I know what affiliates need, i know Vintage Fashion Affiliates and how to work with them.

I’m really sure, that your Affiliate program with skimlinks could work much better and i could create a much better Affiliateprogram with a great visibility and much more earnings.


WCIDFY – What Can I Do For You – 6

More online Sales – companies

For Miss Mole, i had to purchase at Collectif and sometimes, i hated it. I could tell you, what i hated, i could tell you what i wished and i can concept what i would love to have if i need to purchase at Collectif.

I could change the purchase process to safe your online-shop-customers time and to let them better find, what they need, to buy more often and more on the collectif shop-backend

WCYDFM – What Can You Do For Me

so, thats who am i, thats what i can do for you and yes, i hope, i WOW’ed you.

Im an Online Marketing Specialist, i was Senior and Head Of, i had to lead teams and i’m working since 18 years in Internet-companys. I did marketing, advertising, user experience, SEO, Affiliate, SEM, email-marketing, testing and learned much on different relaunches.

I’m a social marketing specialist, an influencer, was customer for my online shop , being a customer for my own closet. I know what all these people need.

I’m the person who can help you more than any others.