This gives you the chance to really “Wow!” us with who you are and what you can do for this business – Stand out from the crowd! Okay, Who am i ? Heiko Seifert Berlin 41 years alive 18 years online marketing specialist 13 years blogger 11 years dragqueen with vintage fashion penchant 8 years … Weiterlesen

Work Student at category management with own category „sport german“       For Sale Digital Student at Product Management at online agency For Sale Digital with different own projects for Media Markt and first online marketing experiences. Online Marketing Manager at Responsible for SEO, SEA, Affiliate. Including Adwords-Budget with 50.000 € a … Weiterlesen

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SEO – Search Engine Optimization I’m doing SEO since many years. In my time @ miss mole till the day we closed the shop, this was the visibility-trend in Google for 483 vintage fashion related keywords. is the biggest Webpage in Germany for vintage fashion. I get a better visibility as Topvintage, Rockabilly-Clothing, Rockabilly-Rules or … Weiterlesen

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Affiliate Last month, Topvintage earned 25.000 € revenue just with my page. Thats what good affiliates could do. I know what affiliates need, i know Vintage Fashion Affiliates and how to work with them. I’m really sure, that your Affiliate program with skimlinks could work much better and i could create a much better Affiliateprogram … Weiterlesen

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More online Sales – customers I know the best online-shop-purchase processes, i know what could be better on collectif, i know how to make customers happy. And of course i know how to deal with analytic tools to find the most expensive obstacles where customers went away without buying anything. Heiko SeifertHumanistisch eingestellter linksgrünversiffter Gutmensch. … Weiterlesen

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and at least, as known draqueen with many contacts in the rockabilly and burlesque scene, i’m an unpaid Influencer and look awesome in collectif. 😉 Heiko SeifertHumanistisch eingestellter linksgrünversiffter Gutmensch. Hamburger aber lebend in Berlin Kreuzberg. Seit 1999 im Online Business unterwegs als SEO und Online Marketing Experte. Derzeit Head of Ecommerce bei Juwelo.